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Why is Sanskrit a perfect language?

The word Sanskrit itself means “pure or perfect”. It is one of the most accurate and well-balanced languages ever devised. The lexicon, phonology, grammar, and syntax of the language are elegant and scientific.

• Mantras in Sanskrit have a meditative quality, boosting concentration

Sanskrit alphabets originate directly from the chakras in the human body. This makes it the ideal language for creating “mantras”, or sound tools that invoke energy vibrations, which have a long history of having calming and meditative effects on one’s mind. A child that grows up chanting Sanskrit mantras is seen to have a higher concentration power than its peers.

Increases brain power

Sanskrit has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of speech disorders. According to research, learning a language enhances brain functioning and individuals’ academic performance; they score higher in areas such as Mathematics and Science, which some people find challenging. Because Sanskrit improves memory and attention, it is a popular choice among students.



Shri Ganesh Vandnam
Shri Ganesh Dhyanyam
Shri Ganesh Stuti
Shri Ganesh Sankatnashan Strotam

Shri Sarswati Vandnam
Shri Sarswati Dhyanam
Shri Sarswati Aradhanam

Pratah Kardarshnam
Pruthvi Parathna
Shudhikaranam Shloka
Snaan Shlokam
Pavitrikaran Shlokam
Shyan Prathna

Suryadev Dhyanam
Dwadash Surya Namaskar Shloka

Vanaspati Mantram
Tulsi Shlokam
Navgrham Prathna
Sapt Chiranjivi Dhyanam
Sapt Moksh Puri Prathna
Panch Sati Prathna
Shanti Path

Dwadash Jyotirlingam Shlokam

Bilvarchanam Mantram

Vishnu 24 Naam Mala
Vishnu Narsingham Krishan Dhyanam
Dashavtaar Shlokam

Navdurga Shlokam

Shri Ramchandra Stuti
Shri Maruti Shlokam

Duttatraya Strotam

Ganga Narmda Prathna

Dhoop Darshnam
Deep Darshanam
Pushparchna Shlokam
Naivedya Mantram
Bhojan Mantram

Mantra Pushpanjli

Pradakshina Shlokam

Kshama Prathna

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