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Can numerology help people?

Yes. Definitely it can help people. I wish to narrate one interesting incident in the life of Pandit Sethuraman that will make you very clear to understand how it helps. In the 80’s one gentleman had come to consult Panditji from MADURAI without any prior appointment. He met Panditji, gave his horoscope along with a consultation amount. Panditji made a glimpse of his horoscope, smiled and returned the horoscope and the consultation amount to him. He could understand that Panditji was not willing to give consultation and so went out. After going near the gate he came back to Panditji and asked whether Panditji rejected him because he had not taken prior appointment for which Panditji said no. He went back and came again and asked whether the consultation amount given by him was not sufficient and if that is the case he is ready to pay the extra amount. Panditji simply said no and does not need any more money .

He went back near the gate and came immediately third time and asked Panditji saying “kindly excuse me. I came to Madras only to consult you. Fortunately you were also available and you did not ask for more money also. Can I know the reason why you are not willing to give consultation for me? Panditji kept quiet for few minutes and then said that if I make some changes in your name you may have to spend 22 days in prison after six months. In that case you will think bad of me in your mind and also blame this numerology for the same. I wanted to avoid embarrassment for both. You can go now.
He went near the gate and returned for the fourth time and curiously asked Panditji what will happen to him as he has not consulted Panditji and going back only with his original name!

Panditji simply said I am here only to do my best for others and not to scare anybody. As he insisted to know the truth from Panditji what may happen to him in the near future, Panditji told him that he will be spending 22 years in a prison. He was shocked. He asked Panditji that few minutes back you said I will be spending 22 days in prison after name change and now you are saying that I will be spending 22 years in business. Why such big difference ?

Panditji told him that avoiding imprisonment in his case is unavoidable as per his planets position in horoscope and with the power of numerology he could definitely reduce this negative impact to the extent of 22 days instead of 22 years.
Now , he understood the seriousness of this issue fell at Panditji’s feet and pleaded him to give consultation and also promised that he will never think bad of Panditji or numerology if he goes to prison for 22 days. Panditji made changes in his name spelling, told him to practice regularly and warned him to be careful after six months. After 8 months this gentleman got a nice job in a gulf country. He had reached the place on a Thursday, informed the company that he will join duty on Saturday. Friday was weekly holiday in that country. Having gone abroad for the first time , he wanted to see all the places around the city. He kept his luggage in his room and took all the money, passport in a hand bag and moved out for sight seeing. At one place someone punched him from the back, snatched his bag and ran away. This gentleman could not chase him and as everyone wearing long traditional dress, he lost all hope. He went and explained his problems to nearby people and to his bad luck no one knew English. They thought he was begging. Begging is not allowed in that country.

Suddenly the local police on patrol arrested him thinking him to be a beggar and even in the prison he was kept with other beggarrs. The police cops knew only Arabic and could not understand the pathetic voice of this person. After three days he was taken to the Magistrate and he also spoke only in Arabic. Seeing this person answering in English the Magistrate called for the language interpreter. Unfortunately the language interpreter had applied for 21 days leave for his marriage. So the magistrate ordered to produce this gentleman in court after 22 days. Our gentleman was again put back in prison. He did not even know for what reason they have put. He has no evidence to prove his identity also.

After 22 days when he narrated all his problems to the language interpreter in the court, after verifying the facts with his company, the judge felt sorry for this person and passed orders to release him immediately. He could also get new passport from the embassy and could continue his job. From there he wrote a a letter expressing his heartfelt gratitude to Panditji and also mentioned that he could not tolerate this 22 days itself. How worst his life could have become if he had not corrected his name.
Numerology can save your life in many ways and help you to lead an excellent life.

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